Harry Potter by MaryGrandPré

Harry Potter by Mary GrandPré, the cover of Time Magazine, September 20, 1999

Oh boy! This is such a beautiful cover! I found it by accident when I was looking for Mary GrandPré’s illustrations. The cover is kinda old, I know. But I didn’t read Harry Potter until 2013, so now I am pretty thrilled everytime I see him. Or another “Potter” character. Or some magic objects which are connected with the story. You might ask: “Jeez, why didn’t you read it before?” Well, I have no idea. Many people told me: “Read it, it’s terrific!” Brother even gave me first four books once at Christmas. But all the time I had something else to read. Kids around the world where wild about the Hogwarts while I was telling to myself: “Ok, I’ve got plenty of time to read it…” Now I know Harry Potter quite well (yay!) and I can confirm – “he’s not just for kids”. If you would like to read the cover story, here you go. Message for my boyfriend: Honey, read the book. It’s amazing!

7 thoughts on “Abracadabra!

  1. I agree! It is a really beautiful cover.

    I didn’t find Harry Potter until recently myself and I totally relate to you in that anytime i see anything HP related it brings a smile to my face.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the books! I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about them. A lot of people really relate to this story.


    • Hello Aspen! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      In fact, I haven’t finished all Harry Potter books yet. Most of them are ahead of me which makes me feel happy. You understand, I believe. (:
      Now I can tell you that during the reading my imagination worked like a looong time ago and it was quite releasing. I’m thinking… Did any other books (for children/adults) give me so much of pleasure? Don’t remember.

      • oh I’m so jealous that you still have books to go!!!!…and you have your 2nd time through ahead of you too (the books are a totally different story the second time through…in fact i think I liked them even more the 2nd time)

        I hope you enjoy them as much as the rest of us. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!


        P.S. Don’t read too much of my blog…there are a lot of spoilers there. :)

      • :))) The second time through!! Oh, you’re so good.
        But nowadays I read kind of THICK book, it’s called The Map of Time. I bought it three months ago, it supposed to be summer reading. But my brain went on holiday in summer. :)

      • Well you’ll get there when you are ready. :) Brains need holidays in the summer too. :)


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