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Harry Potter by MaryGrandPré
Harry Potter by Mary GrandPré, the cover of Time Magazine, September 20, 1999

Oh boy! This is such a beautiful cover! I found it by accident when I was looking for Mary GrandPré’s illustrations. The cover is kinda old, I know. But I didn’t read Harry Potter until 2013, so now I am pretty thrilled everytime I see him. Or another „Potter“ character. Or some magic objects which are connected with the story. You might ask: „Jeez, why didn’t you read it before?“ Well, I have no idea. Many people told me: „Read it, it’s terrific!“ Brother even gave me first four books once at Christmas. But all the time I had something else to read. Kids around the world where wild about the Hogwarts while I was telling to myself: „Ok, I’ve got plenty of time to read it…“ Now I know Harry Potter quite well (yay!) and I can confirm – „he’s not just for kids“. If you would like to read the cover story, here you go. Message for my boyfriend: Honey, read the book. It’s amazing!

7 komentářů: „Abracadabra!“

  1. I agree! It is a really beautiful cover.

    I didn’t find Harry Potter until recently myself and I totally relate to you in that anytime i see anything HP related it brings a smile to my face.

    I’m glad you enjoyed the books! I’d love to hear more of your thoughts about them. A lot of people really relate to this story.


    1. Hello Aspen! Thank you so much for your lovely comment!
      In fact, I haven’t finished all Harry Potter books yet. Most of them are ahead of me which makes me feel happy. You understand, I believe. (:
      Now I can tell you that during the reading my imagination worked like a looong time ago and it was quite releasing. I’m thinking… Did any other books (for children/adults) give me so much of pleasure? Don’t remember.

    2. oh I’m so jealous that you still have books to go!!!!…and you have your 2nd time through ahead of you too (the books are a totally different story the second time through…in fact i think I liked them even more the 2nd time)

      I hope you enjoy them as much as the rest of us. I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts!


      P.S. Don’t read too much of my blog…there are a lot of spoilers there. :)

    3. :))) The second time through!! Oh, you’re so good.
      But nowadays I read kind of THICK book, it’s called The Map of Time. I bought it three months ago, it supposed to be summer reading. But my brain went on holiday in summer. :)

    4. Well you’ll get there when you are ready. :) Brains need holidays in the summer too. :)


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