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5 Things that Make My Life Much Happier

This is such a very special list! It just came to my mind this morning on the bus, and I don’t even know why. But who cares? The important thing is I love it!

1. Mr. Right, Family and Friends

Thank you for all your encouragement and kindness. It means so much to me. Oh, and yes, Mr. Right. I still keep it in my mind: “Best years are ahead of us.” Here in the world is no one who I can love more! One day I’m going to write about us, our pretty story. It will be a novel. Bestseller, I suppose.


2. Diaries, Mails and Snail Mails

Since I’ve learned to write, I had a diary – my silent friend and rememberer. And since I’ve learned to write, I also had a pen pal whom I could write. Later when I was around thirteen, the internet connection didn’t really exist (I mean, it was not as spread as nowadays), so I wrote snail mails. Plenty of them! I truly loved writing letters, and so my friends did. And that’s why I was like Harry Potter – I received plenty of letters every day. Nowadays I have got only one pen pal for snail mails but still it is fun! We just pretend that the internet doesn’t exist!



3. Books and More Books

When I was a child, I didn’t read, or I don’t remember it, really. The family bookworm was my older brother while I was a writer. Writing letters, diaries and magazines for my friends – that was my BIG hobby. I fell in love with books later, so then I decided to study literature at university, and now – well, the passion and flame lives inside me, as you can see. By the way, it’s such a pleasure to share my ideas with you, folks! Finally, I have a happy space where I write, what I really like, and it’s just amazing!

Jane Eyre

4. My Own Fairy Tale

My sweet, little and funny creature lives in a nutshell. I love it with all my heart and I’m so sorry I can’t tell you its name or the story line. Butone day I’m pretty sure you’ll read about it. Oh, and I’m going to illustrate it, of course.


5. Travelling and Taking Pictures

Travelling alone, with my silent friends and/or beloved one gives me energy.



Now – what about your 5 things that make your lifes much happier?

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