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Czech Books for Foreigners: Little Mole

Living underground, Little Mole digs up a lot of treasure. If only he had something to help carry it all – trousers with pockets would work perfectly. But where can he find them? His search seems hopeless, until he gets a little help from his friends. If they all work together, Little Mole just might get the trousers he needs. Because with friends anything is possible.

Little Mole
How Little Mole Got His Trousers by Zdeněk Miler & Eduard Petiška. Albatros, 2012

Little Mole (Krtek or Krteček in Czech) is the greatest and most famous fairy tale character in Czech Republic. Everyone knows it perfectly. It was created by amazing Czech artist, illustrator and director Zdeněk Miler.

How Little Mole Got His Trousers is the best known fairy tale about Little Mole from 1957. First it was a short animated TV story for children, then the story was so favourite that it had to be published as a book. It was published in English, too, and you can purchase it here, if you like.

Little Mole doesn’t even speak on TV. That’s why it’s so famous around the world, you know, every child understands it perfectly. They can hear just its laughing, crying or different kinds of interjections as ugh! yay! oh! yahoo! :) All sounds were made by Miler’s little daughters. Are you interested in? Watch this video where Little Mole is a gardener.

Artist and the author of Little Mole Zdeněk Miler. Photo by Nguyen Phuong Thao, MF DNES
The author of Little Mole Zdeněk Miler. Photo by Nguyen Phuong Thao, MF DNES

“Sometimes I’d like to spank him, but anyway, we like each other very much,” claimed Zdeněk Miler years ago. He created more than 50 animated stories about Little Mole. Now you might ask: “Why did he choose this kind of animal?” It’s easy. It was one of those that was not created by Walt Disney!

Now you can read even more stories about the Little Mole: Little Mole and His Little Car, Little Mole and the Space Ship, Little Mole and ChristmasLittle Mole and the Snowman, Little Mole in Spring and many others!

Oh, and this is very important! Little Mole looked into space not only in the story Little Mole and the Space Ship (1965), but also forty-five years later aboard a real shuttle. Astronaut Andrew Feustel chose Little Mole as the mascot for the last flight of the shuttle Endeavour. It was his wife’s idea. Indira is a native Czech who read Little Mole stories to their children before bedtime.

Astronaut Andrew Feustel with Zdeněk Miler’s Little Mole. Photo by

If your kiddo fell in love with Little Mole, be sure that now little black creature will be everywhere in your house – as a book, TV story, poster, fluffy toy, pyjamas, bedlinen, towel, plate, mug, calendar, pen, diary, bookmark, t-shirt, jacket, socks, suitcase, pendant, or even a chocolate. Happy Little Mole Days! :)


5 komentářů: „Czech Books for Foreigners: Little Mole“

  1. Oh, this post is awesome! I used to see Little Mole cartoons on the Nickelodeon show Pinwheel back in the ’80s, but I’ve only started looking into where all these cartoons came from in recent years.

  2. What a great idea! Thank you for sharing. It’s always so nice to have books for the children in my class that are not what they typically see in America. Literature from other countries is so incredibly valuable!


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