Happy Autumn Post

Last days I’m not too talkative.

Actually, I’m totally out of here because my heart is in the park!

Yesterday I grabed my totally gorgeous new books Fletcher and the Falling Leaves, Hedgehog in the Fog and The Lonely Book and went out for reading, walking, taking pictures… Do you know these books? They are one of the MOST. The most beautiful books for children…


Do you want to see more? Click on the link below.

Happy Autumn Post #2

9 thoughts on “Happy Autumn Post”

  1. Oh, I LOVE these pictures! The leaves are only just starting to change here in Kansas. I’m so excited for color! And I don’t know these books, although I have actually seen the Hedgehog in the Fog movie before. (Thanks, YouTube.) :o)

    1. :) You always make me smile. You’re so enthusiastic about everything, it’s just amazing. I like it, really. Czechs are too stand-offish sometimes. :) And if you don’t know The Lonely Book or Fletcher, then you must know… For example, when I saw the cover of The Lonely Book, I KNEW this gonna be a REALLY good book for children. Illustrations took my breath away again, story is abnormally tender-hearted. By the way, I watched Hedgehog in the Fog on YouTube today. :) It’s so cute!

  2. These pictures are just amazing. The autumn – my favourite time of the year – you´ve caught it right like I feel it and love it. The colours, the smell, the fresh air and the sun! :)
    Especially like that one with the Lonely Book and the second best is that one with chestnuts. ;) Thanks for sharing them with us!

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