Tipy na knihy

Creative Fall Day

„Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.“ William Cullen Bryant

Autumn Decoration

Don’t you just love fall at your place? I do, that’s why I have decided to create this autumn decoration for my candleholder. Actually, it’s just jar. Nevermind. :) I was inspired by Czech Dekor magazine that was published in August. Do you want to decorate your jar/candleholder easily? You’re at right place!

You will need:

  • rosehips
  • needle
  • fine wire
  • pincer

Ready? So, take a rosehip and pierce it with a needle. This process is very important because later you will put the fruit on the fine wire effortlessly. Do the same with every rosehip you have. Done? Now thread the fine wire through rosehips. If it’s too long, cut it with your pincer.

Ta-da! You have your autumn decoration! :) It looks like a bracelet, doesn’t it? You like it? Put it on your very favourite place, so you can see it every day all the gorgeous fall time. Have a beautiful autumn!

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