Susi, the Awesomeness

My boyfriend knows me very well, because my boyfriend sent me Susi. A wordless (cartoon) fairy tale by Ivan Lobon. My beloved found it on YouTube.


I love the story, I love the animation and I love the music. I really can imagine it as a wordless book for children. Because guess what, the end of the absolutely gorgeous small autumn fairy tale is the definition of AWESOMENESS.

No matter what you’ve just wanted to do, please, stop here and watch Susi. Trust me. It’ll take just two minutes and you’ll be enchanted. :)

3 thoughts on “Susi, the Awesomeness”

  1. Very cute! I love how the cartoon “dances” to the music. I can just picture the creator sitting and listening to this music and imagining this cartoon inside their head. It makes fall feel so exhilarating and fun. :)


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