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Not Even a Word. How Surprising!

I found this on Facebook few hours ago and I’d be happy to share it with you. It was written by employee of Hill of Content Bookshop. Follow the bookstore on Facebook. It is extraordinary. Once I’d like to visit the real bookstore in Australia.

Book Thief
One of two entirely blank pages in the New York Times. Photo by Hill of Content Bookshop

What the Hill of Content Bookshop wrote: “Pages 9 and 10 of The New York Times were left largely blank in the main news section yesterday morning for the very first time in the history of the paper. The pages carried the website wordsarelife.com in small letters at the bottom of each page in a very clever advertisement for the film adaptation of The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. The meaning behind the ad was to imagine a world with no written word. The film will be released on the 15th of November.”

2 komentáře: „Not Even a Word. How Surprising!“

    1. Yeah, and you know what? Today I’ve decided to read it, finally. So, now I’m reading two thick books and I never know which one I want to read first. :)

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