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Miś Uszatek: A Polish Cuddly Teddy Bear

Hello to the world! Let me introduce you Miś Uszatek, a Polish cuddly teddy bear from children’s books and a series of cartoons.

Miś Uszatek
Miś Uszatek. Picture by Krecik vs. Pikaczu

Miś Uszatek means Teddy Floppy-ear. First it was the main character of Polish children’s books by Czesław Janczarski which were translated into many languages, by the way. Later (1975) it became a very, very popular cartoon for the Polish TV network.

A series of cartoons were created by a writer Czesław Janczarski and a cartoonist Zbigniew Rychlicki. Every cartoon takes about 8 minutes and tells a story about cuddly Teddy Floppy-ear and his friends: Piglet, Little Rabbits or Little Hare. All these characters were voiced by a Polish actor Mieczysław Czechowicz.

Teddy’s Lovely Songs

Miś Uszatek is a typical bed time story. Children love these fairy tales even for its goodevening and goodnight songs in rhyme. They are regularly repeated all around the series. Goodevening song means:

“For good night and good evening teddy bear is singing to you. People call me Teddy Floppy-ear because my ear is floppy. I’m the little bear, big bear, I know children, that’s not new. I’m the little bear, funny bear, I know children not from today!”

After the song Miś Uszatek tells the story of the day. At the end of the story he usually says it is the right time for going to bed. He’s got his cute pyjamas, waves his paw, and … here’s the goodnight song: “It is time to go to bed, as the moon is shining. Kids like teddy bears, teddy bears like kids.”

Beloved Miś Uszatek

Miś Uszatek is perfectly known even in Finland, Japan, Canada, Netherlands, or in Czech Republic. In my childhood we watched the Polish TV network so often! And that’s why we understand Miś Uszatek even now quite well.

Few days ago I remembered him and mentioned of him during the conversation with my 31 years old brother. I wish you could see his reaction: “Oh my! I remember Miś Uszatek very well! Could you play the song again?” I would really like to buy the book, the puppet and would love to see the statue in Łódź. Well done, Poland!

2 komentáře: „Miś Uszatek: A Polish Cuddly Teddy Bear“

  1. Oh God! I know that lovely Teddy Bear! And I can even sing the song, I remember the melody. Yes, I watched Polish TV too. ;)
    Great job, thank you for remembering!

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