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The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World #1

What a romance!

They do not care what’s happening around them, they do care just each other. Sssshhhh, they are in the library!

Library In The Bus, Istanbul
June 6, 2013. Istanbul, Turkey. Picture by Reuters was published on iDNES.cz

Turkish lovers are kissing on the bus that was burnt-out this June during anti-government protests in Istanbul, Turkey.

And as you can see, the bus is quite unusual.

Yes, it was burnt-out, but what else? Something’s written on the bus, right? Something as KÜTÜPHANE. What does it mean? In Turkish it means LIBRARY.

What a cool idea!

I’ve heard that during those anti-government protests Turkish people created more that kind of libraries around the city, so everyone could take a book and read.

I really do like this picture. It’s full of love, hope and faith. Can you see the Turkish flag? I wish more books and more (not just burnt-out) libraries for Turkey!

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