Neil Gaiman on Writing

Neil Gaiman

Photo by Craig Lassig/AP

Tell your story. Don’t try and tell the stories that other people can tell. Because [as a] starting writer, you always start out with other people’s voices — you’ve been reading other people for years… But, as quickly as you can, start telling the stories that only you can tell — because there will always be better writers than you, there will always be smarter writers than you … but you are the only you.

I’m very, very, very busy last days, earning money, actually, and very, very tired after coming home. That’s why I do not write that much.

Most famous light bulb moments just come to me in the morning which is not good b/c in the morning I’m really in a hurry.

However. Here you can hear the whole Gaiman’s philosophy on writing.

A warm welcome to all my new readers, followers and likers!

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