The Parable of the Mantis

Photo of mantis by What’s That Bug?

The Parable of the Mantis (La Parábola de la Mantis = the original title) is another Spanish wordless short movie I found. When I was posting the video link, the children’s poetry came to my mind.

The praying mantis doesn’t pray:
He simply likes to pose that way.
The sect which he’s an insect in
Leads with the left and not the chin.
— David McCord

Very cool. If you want to read more children’s poetry about bugs, I highly recommend you The Spider and the Fly (1829) by Mary Howitt.

And Now Here It Is

A very charming wordless story about a caterpillar in despair, a bad/good mantis and a butterfly. I always knew that butterflies are magical, by the way. Bewitching!

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