Saturday before Christmas

A Girl Reading about Princesses, Dragons and Witches
Who’s the author? I don’t know, actually. Please, help me to find out!

Hello, how is it going? And how’s the weather? Here it is fine – sunny, sometimes windy and cold, but nice. Without snow, actually. It looks more like autumn outside. Autumn with Christmas trees and markets.

I was quite busy last days (I’m going to move to another flat) and I was also little bit sick. Now I’m fine, trying to relax. Until next Thursday I’m OFF.

I paid first fees for the flat and next week I’ll get the keys. Hurray! :) After the New Year I’m going to move, so last days of the year I’ll pack my things, I suppose.

Funny Girl by Emilia Dziubak
Funny Girl by Emilia Dziubak

In January there will be many changes at work, so it’s good to get out and run to Turkey for a while. And what am I going to do until X-mas? Well, clean up – but just a little bit, write articles, watch fairytales and Christmas movies, wrap presents and try to relax – with a book about HARRY POTTERRRRRRRRRRRRR… :) (:

Take care of you and very merry Christmas to all of you!

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