13 Most Favourite Posts in 2013

The Little Mole
Living underground, Little Mole digs up a lot of treasure… Article about the famous Czech literary character the Little Mole was the most favourite post on this blog in 2013. Hurray!

It was September 2013. I woke up, looked out of the window and suddenly it was in my mind: “Be a blogger. Share your favourites and your passion.” – “Okey,” I said to myself, sat down and started to write.

That’s how the Bookworm’s Diary was born.

After four months I wrote 109 posts. Some of them are veeeeery looooong, some of them… well, short. Which one you liked the most? Which one you think was the most favourite? Must say I was really curious, so I looked into my stats and… here they are: 13 most favourite posts from 2013. Let’s enjoy them again!

English Posts

Little Mole1. Czech Books for Foreigners: Little Mole
2. 10 Most Favourite Quotes from Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops
3. Noel Baba = Santa Claus from Turkey
4. 5 Things that Make My Life Much Happier
5. 10 Books for Your Autumn Reading List
6. Trips for Book Lovers: Istanbul #1
7. Ghost Church
8. Miś Uszatek: A Polish Cuddly Teddy Bear
9. The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World #1
10. Happy Autumn Post
11. The Nutcracker at the Theatre
12. Getting Excited about the Nutcracker!
13. How Joey and Rachel Read Each Other’s Books

Czech Posts

1. V parku se četlo jako o život – až 70 knížek denně!
2. 10 + 1 vánoční tip na (veselé) knihy pro ženy
3. 10 podzimních tipů na knížky pro děti i dospělé
4. Výlety pro knihomoly: Istanbul #1
5. Uvařte, zabalte a věnujte jedlý dárek
6. 12 tipů na krásné vánoční dárky pro každého
7. Ekotašky s motivy ze starých rukopisů
8. Strašidelné domy a osamocená sanatoria
9. Osamělá kniha/The Lonely Book
10. Pane Szczygiełe, miluji vás
11. Vánoce v lese
12. 3 pohádkové tipy na vánoční dárky pro malé děti
13. Shakespeare a spol. pro inteligentní mimina

I want to thank you all – my dear readers, amazing friends, lovely bloggers – for your neverending kindness and support. Wherever you are I send you a soft hug and a BIG KISS! Please, read me in 2014!

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