Discovering Charlotte Mao

Illustration by Charlotte MaoIllustration by Charlotte Mao

I love these absolutely beautiful bookish illustrations by Charlotte Mao who loves “children’s book art, dumb dogs, mean cats, and funny faces”.

Mean cats, oh yeah, I know what she means. Although…

My mom has a cat. His name is Filip and he’s very new at my parent’s place. Filip’s just one and half year old but it seems, he already went through a lot of suffering. Mom found him outside, bleeding. She took him to a vet, saved his life, and brought him home. He’s very grateful, cool, nice, and… oh yeah, he’s not really mean!

Recently I’m trying to take his pictures but in the meantime you can imagine him.

Filip has just three legs (the wound was too serious), he’s completely black (there is just one white dot in his back), he’s got bewitching yellow eyes, and in fact, you can imagine him as Mr. Wuffles. Filip has the same toy mice! And he doesn’t care about it… Should we look for a little spaceship full of actual aliens at home?

I’ve got some traditional Czech winter book for ya (and your kids) and very cool paper snowflake stuff! This year it’s gonna be paper winter time at my place.

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