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Beautiful Winter Morning

It’s Thursday, January 16. The morning was so beautiful around here! Actually, it was winter morning without snow, but it was very chilly, anyway.

In the pictures you can see my NEW view of the sky from my NEW windows of my NEW flat. I was enthralled by the view! Also you can see a pathway which goes to a bus stop, and which I use sometimes (sunrise is ahead of me!), very pretty things are around it, and in the end there is a picture of… well, you’ll see.

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Let me introduce you my new friend. His name is Filip and he knows best what to do in winter. I wrote about him a short time ago, switch here.


Tomorrow I’m going to Turkey (tea, bread, kebab, cheese, olives, vegetable, baklava, gözleme, you know, eating is my favourite thing about Turkey), so, I’m taking my very special One Thousand and One Nights book (in Czech) with myself. Hope I’ll have a time to write about it, too!

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