Exploring Paris Through Children’s Books

“A new way to see Paris—could it be? Following in the footsteps of Madeline, Pascal and Hugo can turn the most jaded grown-up into a bright-eyed traveler again,” wrote Liam Callanan. Read his amazing article.

Explore Paris with Your Favourite Book Character
John S. Dykes for The Wall Street Journal

“The first remarkable sight we caught in Paris was our own 4-year-old daughter. Standing on a sidewalk in the Marais, she looked around, hands on hips, and said: ‘I think I’ve been here.’ She hadn’t—we monitor her play dates more carefully than that—but it was a delight to realize what made her think so: books.

It’s no accident that a passport is a book, and no question that books are passports. Especially Paris books, and especially in our house,” claimed Liam Callanan.

Read more about Exploring Paris Through Children’s Books in his article, or read kids’ classics from Paris: Madeline (1939), Adèle & Simon (2006), The Red Balloon (1956), The Invention of Hugo Cabret (2007), Paris in the Spring with Picasso (2010), and/or Madame Pamplemousse and Her Incredible Edibles (2008).

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