Dot. by Randi Zuckerberg

Hi folks!

I’ve heard that Facebook celebrates 10th anniversary today. Well, happy sharing! I thought it would be nice to mention the book Dot. by Facebook founder’s sister Randi Zuckerberg.

Dot by Randi Zuckerberg

It’s about a “spunky little girl” named Dot who loves technology. She spends lots of time on Facebook and other social media sites. Dot “knows how to tap, to swipe and to share, and pays little attention to anything else”.

But – what’s beyond the screen?

One day Dot’s mommy takes the laptop and cellphone away, so Dot can discover how to reboot, recharge and restart outside. The book was illustrated by Joe Berger and published in November 2013.

Now let’s face it. Facebook founder’s sister tells your kids that Facebook is a waste of time, but – professional reviewers are more kind.

For example…

New York Times’ book reviewer Judith Martin says that the message of the book is simple – it’s ok if you’re online, but if you get off every once in a while, well, good for you! Randi Zuckerberg herself says that the book “teaches kids how much richer life is when you look up from the screen”.

Dot by Randi Zuckerberg

If you like the book you can even buy a plush Dot doll, that comes with a STUFFED tablet. (Click here if you are interested in and want to puchase it.) Looks funny, don’t you think? But, eh, I don’t know. Frankly, I like The Dot much more.

Check out Randi Zuckerberg’s Dot book for adults!

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