Love Story


It’s October 18th 2009. I’m writing into my diary: “I wish I meet a guy with whom I’ll live happily ever after – if it is God’s will, of course.“ In the end of the record I drew the moon and star.

I always drew the moon and star at that time. I liked it. It was kinda dreamy, and fairy tale ending to me. How could I know that this tiny little drawing will change my life forever?

A month later He came into my life.

Finally, I can share everything I love. If I say that my favourite blogger follows me, he’s excited. If I say that we should buy more Turkish kids’ books, he’s excited. If I say that I might write about kids’ books for a magazine, he’s excited. If I say that the black guy from Twilight movie is more handsome than the pale one, he says: “I didn’t want to tell you, but – you know, I’m Indian.“

I love him. He’s the One. The One who comes from the land of the moon and star.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

11 thoughts on “Love Story”

  1. Hi Petra, this is a very lovely post. If it’s not too personal, how did you meet and fell in love? I always like to know how love stories begin.

    1. Hi Anna! Thanks for your comment. Well, our meeting wasn’t too traditional. :) Years ago I was looking for a pen pal to practise my English. Mr. D was the only one who wrote me back. So, we were writing English mails (and snail mails) to each other. Once I asked him about the BEST present he has ever got. He wrote me back that it was a wallet in his 5-year-old term. With the wallet he felt kinda older, so he loved it, and slept with it. Now I think it was the real moment I fell in love with him. :) Later, I was studying at university in Ankara, Turkey, so I wrote Mr. D that we can meet face to face. He came four times, we met, talked, laughed, walked, were quiet, traveled together, and… we were happy. So we understood we should stay together… :)

    2. This is so lovely, I adore true love stories. It always gives such a good feeling, when people find happiness. Thanks so much for sharing, best of wishes Petra.

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