Shakespeare Is Watching You

Shakespeare is watching you.

A bookmark I bought in the Shakespeare’s Globe. I call it “Shakespeare is watching you”. Everytime I see it, I remember the absolutely gorgeous time I had in London a year ago, and everytime I see it, I promise myself: “Yes, yes, I’ll travel again.”

New work week! New work week!

Oh, cool. I’m so tired.


All my dreams come true. My friend is going to the Netherlands, and she invited me to visit her. I was there last year but couldn’t see all places I’d love to. This will be a very beautiful trip, I suppose. And–

My another friend is going to the United Kingdom in summer, and she invited me to visit her. (I think all my friends are angels.) She’d love to see Pemberley (aka Lyme Park), so it’s possible we’ll visit it together. Finally.

This is what I live for now.

I couldn’t write for Bookworm’s Diary because I was too busy at work (again). Hope it’ll be better very soon. I’ve got so many things, and books to write about, and so many beautiful movies are at the cinemas! Wherever you are, whatever you do, be happy, and let your dreams come true ’cause Shakespeare is watching you.

9 thoughts on “Shakespeare Is Watching You

  1. Beautifull ideas and plans. :) Wish you they all come true!

    … and not only Shakespear is watching you, obviously… ;)

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