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How Little Mole Cured Little Mouse

Hello there!

I was thinking – let’s talk about the famous Czech fairy tale character Little Mole by Zdeněk Miler again. I’ve got a special reason for it. A super special lovely one.

The Little Mole

The reason is my brother’s daughter. Yes, my lovely little Jedi princess Tara Leia (my brother is crazy about Star Wars by George Lucas) who was born only three weeks ago. A few hours after the Valentine’s Day!

I was honored to meet her last Saturday, and of course, I was absolutely eager to give her a book. So, I’ve decided to give her a Little Mole book, and two Little Mole finger-puppets because for children the Little Mole is as necessary as mother’s milk. (If you want, read about kids‘ books and puppets here. If you don’t understand Czech, you can follow the pictures.)

The Little Mole
Only fourteen days old Tara Leia and her very first Little Mole. See? They have same hair!
The Little Mole
How Little Mole Cured Little Mouse by Hana Doskočilová and Zdeněk Miler. Albatros, 2013

The book is called How Little Mole Cured Little Mouse (4+). It was written by Hana Doskočilová, and illustrated by Zdeněk Miler. And what is it about? Little Mouse got cold, and her very, very, very good friend Little Mole wants to help her.

Wise and educated owl gave him an advice: Little Mouse needs a special medicine that is called Matricaria chamomilla. But what is that? And where to find it? Little Mole doesn’t know. He must travel around the world, and look for the medicine…

The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little MoleThe Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little MoleThe Little Mole The Little MoleThe Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole The Little Mole

He found it at last, and Little Mouse returned to health. What a beautiful happy end! Well, Tara Leia doesn’t care now, actually, she still sleeps, but I believe she’ll love it as much as her parents once. What did they think about the story?

Leia's crazy parents

YAY! They did loved it.

If you are interested in other Little Mole books and stories, you can read about them in my older Little Mole post. How Little Mole Got His Trousers is a very traditional one. And it’s in English, too. Have a lovely time!

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  1. Oh, so darling! There are only a few books (used) going for decent prices on Amazon in the US. I remember the cartoon (barely) from when I was very little. Pinwheel, the first hit show on Nickelodeon, would mix in tons of cartoons from around the world. I admit to becoming a bit obsessed with finding them over the last decade or so. Little Mole, The Bunny with the Checkered Ears (Hungary), Chapi Chapo and Emily (France), Alfie Atkins (Sweden)… Lots of stand-alone cartoons, too. I love reading about them from their country of origin. Pinwheel is a long-forgotten television show, and it will never be released on video. Sigh.

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