The Very Funny Caterpillar

Hello, dear readers!

I’m sure you all know The Very Hungry Caterpillar, a children’s picture book by Eric Carle. And I’m also sure you all don’t know The Very Funny Caterpillar by… Who? Well, by the Nature!

The Very Funny Caterpillar

I met it last summer in a park. Suddenly it was walking on my hand, and it was pretty small, green and fast. I wanted to take a picture of it but I had to get on a bus, so… I took it with myself.

(Shhh, it didn’t have a ticket!)

The bus was bumping up and down, so I had to take care of the little one. I think it didn’t care. It was still going… somewhere… After getting off the bus I finally took a picture of it. And here it is! The Very Funny Caterpillar. And very smiling one…

Do you think it became a butterfly? I hope so, actually.

Sametka, by Zdeněk Miler

Tiny little caterpillar reminds me a short animated movie by Czech cartoonist Zdeněk Miler. As I know, Sametka (1967) was the most favourite Miler’s fairy tale.

Sametka, by Zdeněk Miler
Sametka, by Zdeněk Miler

The story begins with a boy who plays the harmonica in a park. Little caterpillar heard it and liked it, and so it started to dance to the rhythm of the music. These two characters became friends very fast.

They travelled around the world together, played and danced, and people loved them. But one day the caterpillar became a butterfly. The boy wasn’t sad, actually. He understood the caterpillar/butterfly must go/fly. So, he let it go…

It is such a beautiful story!

Just watch it. But I couldn’t find it on-line, unfortunately. So, if you like, I think you must try to look for it by yourself. It is worth seeing. Oh, and the animated movie was based on story by American author Norman Corwin.

Hope your spring is colourful. Mine’s full of deep thinking.

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