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Look Inside: My Book!

I couldn’t be happier. One and a half year ago my favourite publisher phoned, and said: “We want you. You’re going to work with us.” Since then – well, I am a writer and I write. Books for children.

Rok v lese
Interesting! © Aneta Žabková

Sure, I’m not Astrid Lindgren, and I’ve never meant to be. But somehow I write – fiction and especially non-fiction because that’s what we do most of all – non-fiction books for kids.

It’s not easy.

Actually, it’s the most difficult job I’ve ever had.

That’s why my head is like a heavy ball from time to time. And sometimes I even think: Am I able to do that job without a break? Now I feel I really need to change something in my life. Well, we’ll see.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate! That one dream came true. <3

A Year in the Woods, A Year in the Garden
Written by Petra Bartíková
Illustrated by Aneta Žabková
Designed by Roman Havlice
Published by Albatros Media, 2017
Age Range: 3 years and up

Rok v lese
Yum! © Aneta Žabková

8 komentářů: „Look Inside: My Book!“

  1. It´s so cute! I remember how I loved to discover secret doors, hidden corners, unvisible messages.. and these books have them! I like it very much and I hope children will enjoy taking around with this book! Warm Congratulations. :)

    1. <3 Thank you, Danzel. You're very sweet. Yes, it's very exciting and beautiful and fantastic and … I love it, it is such a very special moment of my life. Actually, I think it means a world to me. :)

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