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Meet Dim, a Lovely Forest Creature

Days ago a friend of mine told me about a very special book. It’s called Vem ser Dim? which means Who Sees Dim?. I looked for the book in e-shops but couldn’t find it. So, I wrote to the author, and — guess what. She sent it to me!

Vem ser Dim? Written and illustrated by Maria Nilsson Thore. Bonnier Carlsen, 2017

I want this post to be in English, so it can be international, and everyone in the world would get to know that there, somewhere in the deep, deep woods, someone like Dim exists. It’s pretty important, you know.

© Maria Nilsson Thore
© Maria Nilsson Thore

Dim is such a lovely forest creature. He loves collecting things and building stuff … But it seems like no one cares. “If no one can see it, do I even exist?” Dim is thinking.

Then one day he decides to do something big and marvellous to catch somebody’s attention … But what does he find out? There’s no need to do big and marvellous things, because someone already likes you. Just. As. You. Are.

© Maria Nilsson Thore
© Maria Nilsson Thore

The book was written and illustrated by Swedish author Maria Nilsson Thore who wrote me: “I got this idea just like I get every idea — by drawing random pictures and characters in my sketchbook. I fell in love with this character, and at the same time I had been longing to draw forest and plants. I wanted to start from a distance and move closer and closer … And that is how Dim was born.”

© Maria Nilsson Thore

Maria was very kind and sent the book to me. Actually, we changed books. She sent me Vem ser Dim, and I sent her one of my the most favourite Czech books for children: The Little Cloud, by Pavel Čech.

What an endpaper!
I love these book(ish) spontaneous projects. I really do.

Now, you know the story, and you also know that there, somewhere in the deep, deep woods, someone like the creature Dim exists. So, please, if you will go to the woods, look around. And if you meet Dim, say hello. It might be pretty important, you know …

© Maria Nilsson Thore
© Maria Nilsson Thore

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    1. Věřím, že dětské knihy patří k největšímu dobru, které na světě máme. :) Navíc to neustálé obklopování se dětskými knihami má docela zajímavé vedlejší účinky — omlazovací. :)

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