Christmas in January

I’m back in Europe. It’s snowing! Freezing and snowing, finally! Oh, beautiful snow white land all around, red nose, 13 degrees under zero. This is such a perfect winter time.

Winter Time

Hanging lights at my new place, I’m set on snowflake Nutcracker ballerinas.

What else? Drinking hot tea with honey and lemon, eating sweet cakes, watching fairy tales, and celebrating Christmas!

Am I crazy?

Well, in Turkey I’ve learned something very important. I can celebrate Christmas whenever I want, because… I simply can.

It’s January – so what? Turks still have Christmas trees and lights (find out more about Christmas in Turkey), and that’s actually my another very favourite thing about Turkey. Christmas in January.

Christmas Tree in Turkey
Christmas tree at the airport in Istanbul, Turkey (17th January 2014)

Come on, guys, we have such an amazing winter time, and what it would be without Christmas lights, songs and books?

The Christmas Snowman by Diane Sherman

I found this one at library’s British section. The Christmas Snowman by Diane Sherman was illustrated by Sharon Kane and published in 1977. The story’s about a snowman who wanted to be a Christmas snowman (kinda perfect book for people who live in January and want to live in Christmas January), and about animals who helped him to be Christmassy.

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Do I have anything else for ya? Sure. The best wish ever.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas in January!