Girl Talks To Moon

Girl Talks To Moon

Another sigh.
Giving a shriek of fear.
A BIG cute smile.

This is Girl Talks To Moon, a wordless short (I mean very short) film by Romain Blanchet, Romain Delaunay, Remy Hurlin and Martin Vermelen. It tells a sweet story about a girl who meets the moon.

If you would like to read children’s books about moon, look at this website. To be honest, I’d like to read Sofia’s Dream by Land Wilson and Sue Cornelison. It looks very dreamy!! Oh, I’d love to dream and write more here, but I’m very busy again.

Watch the short movie, you’ll love it!

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Alma and the Creepy Doll


Snowy day in Barcelona. Alma, a little girl, skips through the snow covered streets. Her attention is caught by a strange doll in an antique toy shop window. Fascinated, Alma decides to enter. (IMDb.com)

Alma (2009) is a Spanish short movie written and directed by Rodrigo Blaas. It’s one of those fascinating wordless stories you want to watch again and again.

And again.

Alma is lovely and scary at the same time. I’ve never seen a film like this before. The punchline was very shocking for me! As I found on Wikipedia, the word alma in Spanish means soul. Soul? Why soul? After watching you’ll understand.

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